National Chili Day – and my choice is Cincinnati Style!

Today is National Chili Day and most people assume that means sautéed meat, kidney beans and a rough tomato sauce. For me it means a delicious Mediterranean influenced smooth meat sauce spooned over spaghetti, topped by chopped raw onion, finely shredded Colby cheese and sprinkled with oyster crackers. For the uninitiated, this is Cincinnati Chili.

I have my own recipe (developed over decades and possessed by a special few people) but you can get your own pretty easily. Go to Southwest Ohio (or even Naples Florida) to try many different chains of chili parlors. My favorites are Camp Washington and Gold Star but Skyline is predominant.

Via the internet you can order cans or spice mixtures anywhere you are (I even recently discovered can of Skyline Chili in a Walmart in Richmond, VA for goodness sakes). I know it is a regional taste, but it sure is delicious!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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