Review – Nassim

Long time readers of this blog know that I often give positive reviews to New York Productions. Not only is the talent pool top notch but the New York market tends to promote only the best. I am afraid this is not the case for this production.

A couple of years ago Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour had a New York hit called “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” wherein a theatre celebrity did a one night only reading of a play whose script has not been known to the performer before. The audience was begged not to reveal the secrets (I did not see the readings) but I am told the general topic of the Iranian playwright appreciated only outside his country has ties to the first production.

In this production Nassim is part of the production to laboriously reveal countless projected pages instead of speaking. I will not reveal the talented performer who accompanied him as many others will in coming events. It is dreadfully boring and has no meaningful payoff. I got a discount ticket for $4.50 and feel that was a latte wasted. Your choice.

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