Review – The Storm Before The Storm & Mike Duncan

I actually finished reading this book some time ago but just getting around to reviewing it. Been busy, you know. I am a long time Roman History aficionado and all you need to do is whisper Gracchi Brothers or Marius & Sulla and I will come running. “The Storm Before The Storm” covers the start of the unraveling of the Republic and the beginning of the slide to Empire. Writer Mike Duncan does an excellent job with a thorough narrative that led me through a familiar story that nonetheless provided a few surprises that I enjoyed. If you enjoy this sort of thing, you should get this book (hardback, paperback, or as I prefer-Kindle).

Mike Duncan came to my attention through his podcast “The History of Rome.” It is exceptional and still available on iTunes. My only disappointment is that he chose to end the series at 476 AD. I get it, but I missed his voice in my ears every week. Lucky he has started an excellent podcast called “Revolutions.” Highly recommended. Mike’s writing voice and speaking manner is unique. It is not dry or sonorous but neither is it animated and overplayed. He fits in a warm central place that is patient, exciting and engaging. Really, you have to listen in person to appreciate why he is a podcast superstar.

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