National Maple Syrup Day

Today is National Maple Syrup Day and there is nothing better for flapjacks than real maple syrup.  Forget those sugar concoctions and even agave substitutions, nothing tastes like real maple syrup.  A few years ago I heard of startling research that shook the maple world.  It has always been assumed that tree sap dripped down from upper branches so the bigger, older trees were most valued.  The majority of the legacy maple trees are tapped by traditional sources, gnarled old farmers you can call Big Syrup.

Turns out the research indicated that even a cut off tree could produce lots of sap and that even proved to be true with younger saplings (the unproven assumption was the maple trees were absorbing and transition moisture from the roots).  If proven true, Big Syrup would not be able to set their cartel prices and availability could soar as even small trees could be productive.  But I haven’t heard anything since so I fear that Big Syrup has shut down that research.  Typical of those Canadians.  Can’t trust a country with nice people, universal health care and leaders with movie star good looks.  I’m going to open new research about maple syr- hey, wait.  My door just got knocked down by some people in Mountie uniforms.  I’m being taken away (politely but hauled off).  Remember our cause – never give up Little Maple.

dreamstime_xxl_48453287 food Canada maple syrup

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