Blue Ridge Parkway – other motorcyclists

On my recent trip south I made sure to schedule the Blue Ridge Parkway as part of my ryde home.  It was the first focus of my first long distance trip on my first bike.  It has been the subject of many return trips.  Now with my GoPro I can share with you.  The Parkway has no commercial buildings on the side of the road.  It is 469 incredible miles of forested asphalt.  There are many features and potentially interesting stops along the way.  The magic for me is the ride itself.  I go into a Zen-like trance (awake and alert) while taking this route.  I cannot express adequately how much I like to take my Can-Am Spyder on this parkway.  So here is a quick one minute shot of just a few of the other motorcycles I met on this road.  Hope you enjoy.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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