National Peanut Day

Today is National Peanut Day and it is one of my favorite snacks.  You know all about the big peanut names like George Washington Carver and Jimmy Carter.  You know that a peanut is not actually a nut but a legume.  You know all the products like peanut butter, peanut brittle and Payday bars.  But today I must address the real issue.  What happens when you find three nuts in a shell?

Well, if you…
>open it cleanly (see picture below)
>eat it all at once (pop the nuts into your mouth from the shell simultaneously)
>and make a wish immediately

It will come true.  Who says?  Me, that’s who.  Always has for me.  I just need to wish bigger and eat more peanuts.  Hope you will too (unless you are allergic, in which case please wipe down your screen right away to wash away any residue).

dreamstime_xxl_99104620 food open shell with three peanuts

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