National Bowtie Day – Fashion Accessory from Tuxedos to Poodle Skirts

I am thrilled to announce my new gig!  A major national fashion magazine has hired me to write about men’s fashion trends in my blog!  I guess that is because I am such a fashionable guy!  They have provided me their first topic and I will today address National Bowtie Day.  Historically bowties evolved from the Cravat, a fancy schmancy method to tie a scarf around your neck.  Often worn by nerdy people (bowties, that is; cravats are just presumptuous) it is infinitely better at lunch because it is less likely to dip into your soup than a long tie.  Soup.  Hmm.  Lunch?  [Stomach growl.]  I am a bit hungry.  Oh, now I’ve done it.  I can’t avoid food.  Food is all I dream about.  Oh forget this fashion topic, because now the only image I have in my brain is bowtie pasta.  And I am always hungry.  Want to join me for some bowtie pasta with some basil and Pecorino Romano?  Good idea, let’s go.  Though you have to pay for lunch because I just blew this fashion blog gig.  Sorry.

dreamstime_xxl_88390484 food Italian basil bowtie pasta

As always you can find more at and @walterthinnes

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