National Peach Pie Day

There are so many delicious harvests at the end of summer and one of the sweetest is fresh peaches.  Put them in a pie and you have a wonderful National Peach Pie Day.  I’m ready to give it a try this season, how about you?

Considering the flavor of political and social discourse today, here is my statement with corrections for backtracking and adding of and taking away double negatives and restoring them again.

Below is a picture that I did(n’t) take of a pie I did(n’t) bake in my (easy) bake oven.  It was (or would have been) delicious if it (were)n’t a stock photo.  Yummmm.  Happy National (or regional, or maybe even local) Peach Pie Day.

dreamstime_xxl_599353 food dessert peach pie

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