National Caviar Day

Today is National Caviar Day – a very tasty and very expensive national day.  You can find many kinds and cheaper versions of fish roe all over the place.  But I am here to assure you that real stuff, the real expensive stuff is much better.  Years ago I was given a gift certificate to Petrossian Boutique and Cafe on Seventh Avenue just south of Central Park here in New York.  I ventured into the ornate building with some trepidation and spent that certificate and more to secure what they assured me was the best in the store. I shared it with a few friends and we all agreed that it was ethereal.  I had never experienced a taste such as that and have not to date.  My plan for Petrossian shopping is like going into a casino.  Only carry in the amount of cash you are willing to leave on the premises.  You see, I simply cannot afford that level of elegance on any sort of regular basis.  If you can, please invite me along.

dreamstime_xxl_66966366 Russia Food Caviar Canapes

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