My First Ryde with the Long Reach Long Riders

I had a great time with the Long Reach Long Riders this weekend.  While I was only on a day and a half of their seven day ride they greeted me warmly and let me slip into their formation.  We hit some great roads through forests, farmland and villages around New England.  I hope to join them on future rides which I will explain in future posts.  Below is a quick 60 second sampler of moments selected from footage gathered from a GoPro Hero 4 fastened to my Can-Am Spyder.  I am still learning about the device and the editing software.  While far from perfect it gives you an idea of riding with a motorcycle charity group.  If you were planning to give to BC/EFA or Behind the Scenes this year please check out their website to give through this group.  They are terrific.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Happy Independence Day!

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