Review – A Blanket of Dust

“A Blanket of Dust” is a new play by Richard Squires.  I am not a theatre goer that seeks out only validation for my beliefs and world view.  I like to be challenged by alternate points of view and opinions.  That said, I did not agree with this plays approach.  It starts out with a compelling and bitter and emotional memory of the September 11 attacks on the city I love.  It moves to a full throated endorsement of conspiracy theory of the events of that day and devolves into a dysfunctional family drama of a fanciful playing out of the consequences of powerful families caught up in the beliefs of that purported conspiracy.

The performers did a masterful job of portraying the theme and emotions but the single minded script hobbled their efforts.  I dearly wish the playwright had taken the opportunity to provide a true dialectic effort, showing the counter prevailing evidence, but instead is stuck within his own vortex of his point of view.  The technical production of the production is intriguing except for the lighting design.  Perhaps the intent was to focus on the shadowy nature of his argument but only served to throw shadows on the actors.

It is a play worth seeing to understand the impact of disruption, disinformation and dystopic opinions on the event.  But it is single minded and not an viewpoint I sympathize with.  It runs only until June 30 at The Flea Theater and should be aired as every point of view must be respected.  The play is cleverly built but needs additional depth and work.

I can offer you offer the following discount code because, as I said at the start, one should experience varying views in the theatre.  I would welcome your feedback even if it is different than what I took away.

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