Review – Our Lady of 121st Street

Stephen Adley Guirgis is an American playwright with a distinctive natural voice.  I’ve seen his Between Riverside and Crazy and this year very much enjoyed the revival of his Jesus Hopped the “A” Train at Signature Theater.  I have recent seen his early work Our Lady of 121st Street, also at Signature.

The play has little plot except that a beloved nun from the Catholic church has died and her body (and the pants of one of the mourners) has gone missing.  It takes off from there on a character revealing blitz of funny and scorching scenes as visitors work out their issues with the missing nun and each other.  The performers are all first rate as they lead you through the twists and turns of their relationships.  While a distinct and strong voice and engaging encounters throughout, the play is more a showcase of people behaving badly than a traditional stage play.  I enjoyed the evening but got more attitude than satisfaction.  Worth seeing to hear the voice but this playwright can and should turn his talents to more completely realized pieces.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

OB Our Lady of 121st Street

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