Review – Happy Birthday, Wanda June

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. has long been one of my favorite novelists.  Through my high school and college years his quirky world view thrilled me and I have read Slaughterhouse Five many times.  He wrote a play that was made into a movie, neither of which I have seen but were vaguely aware of.  The Wheelhouse Theater Company has brought it to life at the Gene Frankel Theatre where it runs through June 2.

While I thrilled at it, you probably have to be a Vonnegut aficionado to be fully satisfied.  It could use some editing and sharpening as it returns and circles some of the same territory and hammers home its themes with blunt force.  But then writing a novel is much different than writing a play where your only weapon is dialogue (which is all delivered by an exceptional cast – kudos to all).

If you revel in a Vonnegut world as I do you need to see this.  Enough of his bon mots are tossed softball style to keep you engaged and there is only a limited time to catch it on Bond Street.

OOB Happy Birthday, Wanda June

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