Review – Lobby Hero

First note: Catch this play on Broadway soon as it closes on May 13.  The production, performers and playwright all require your attention.

Second note: Welcome Second Stage Theatre to Broadway.  I have been a fan of your offerings for decades and now that you are bringing living American Playwrights to the Main Stem, I am thrilled.  This smallest and most intimate of Broadway houses will give deserved legitimacy to working bards when they need it most, during their active careers.  Broadway is filled with commercial, tourist driven fare and some not for profits doing glorious scripts by dead white men in giant, necessary productions.  The chance to see active writers is exceptional.

Third note: Kenneth Lonergan is an incredible writer of naturalistic dialogue and realistic characters grounded solidly in the very real world.  Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Brian Tyree Henry and Bel Powley, directed by Trip Cullman have assembled a defining, engaging production that you must see.  Reference Note One above.

BWAY Lobby Hero

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NEXT WEEK: TONY nominees announced as well as catching up on theater reviews!

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