Review – The Picture of Dorian Gray

While we seldom get to Brooklyn to see theater we make a special trip to see performers who have performed in my plays directed by Pamela.  So we were excited to see Sophie Larin in The Picture of Dorian Gray mounted by The Heights Players.  Director Cameron McIntosh (no not Cameron Mackintosh, but I’ll bet our Brooklyn Cameron has gotten a drink or two over the years on his name).

Cameron did a notably good job in mounting a well known story in an innovative manner, turning what could be a melodramatic script into a captivating performance.  And our Sophie Larin did a predictably good job in bringing her character to life.  She is amazing!  The other performers were also up to the task.  Scott Lilly was terrific as Dorian Gray and brought to mind Percy Bysshe Shelley (no I’m not quite that old, but almost – see his performance and let me know what you think).

We’ve seen two Heights Players shows the last few months and have been impressed with production values at this community theatre.  Check them out!

OOB The Picture of Dorian Gray

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TOMORROW: my review of Farinelli and the King

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