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Auction houses like Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips and others offer free admission to selling exhibitions for a few days before each auction. From time to time I will select notable auction lots to bring to your attention. This blog feature is not endorsed by the auction house nor written by any kind of art expert. Just idle musings that I hope encourages you to visit an auction house yourself to see what’s on view and available in New York City.
Lot #51
Ken Lum
At Sotheby’s, exhibit opens February 23, sells March 5 at 10 AM

This work by Ken Lum, a living Chinese-Canadian artist with a sly sense of humor is rendered as a realistic business sign and immediately caught my eye.  From what I can tell much of his work involves text images and so, of course, appeals to me as a playwright.

This particular work tells an enigmatic story in a few words and invites me to ask more.

And estimated at only $8K to $12K it should be accessible for you to purchase for me as a gift.  Thank you.

featured lot

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