Review – Hello Dolly!

Thorton Wilder’s play THE MATCHMAKER is the foundation for the musical HELLO DOLLY!  Mr. Wilder’s work is wonderful and the musical adapted from it was a big hit right from its premiere in the 1960’s.  The current re-incarnation features the very talented Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber.  I’ve seen each of them previously on Broadway and it was wonderful to see them back where they belong.

Such a historic piece, resurrected in a scenery and costume spectacular that is a wonder to behold, is a necessary part of the mix on Broadway.  And I am happy that many young people we saw and met in the audience get a chance to see this work in all its glory and such a professional production.  But as I watched it I was uncomfortable with the stereotypical attitude toward those scheming and undependable people of the female gender.  I had forgotten about the chauvinism so casually displayed in the songs and characters.

So, good to see a great production and watch the enthusiastic audience applaud every movement of the stars, but more than a bit uncomfortable at the content of this musical.  Glad to see it, not sure I will again.

BWAY Hello Dolly!

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