Review – Party Face

A wine-fueled, comedy laced party is underway at Manhattan Theater Club and you should accept the invitation to attend.

And, of course, you can with this discount code:

The script by Isobel Mahon is a bit of a hot mess but then so are the characters she so convincingly offers up.  These ladies bewail the men in their life but can’t stop talking about them (though they are never on stage).  More often, though, they go after each other.  The family led by Carmel (Hayley Mills) has it’s difficulties and tough history but a loving bond at the end.

The performers all acquit themselves admirably and keep you interested in the hijinks.  Gina Costigan plays the troubled center of the story as Mollie Mae, her sister and caustic observer Maeve is the always entertaining Brenda Meaney.  Chloe, the man bait neighbor, is the convincing Allison Jean White.  You will thrill to Klea Blackhurst who only enters at the end of act one but is a wonderful roundabout punch line deliverer for the entire second half.  Sometimes a playwright creates an particularly meaty part for an actor and this certainly qualifies.  But the draw and clear star is the warm and wicked and wonderful Hayley Mills.  You don’t want to miss this rare stage appearance.

Go to New York City Center and Manhattan Theater Club (use the discount code above) and see this small off Broadway play while it lasts.

OB Party Face

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