Another endorsement of meal kits

It’s been a while since I sang the praises of home delivered meal kits.  We prefer Home Chef, though you have several options in the market.  The concept is that each week you are given a choice of menu options on their website.  You pick the ones you want and they deliver a recipe card with step-by-step directions and exactly the amount of raw ingredients you need to prepare it.  You supply the kitchen tools like pots and pans as well as cooking oil, salt and pepper and about 30 to 40 minutes to prepare it.

It cuts down tremendously on food waste because you have just what you need (how many times in the past have I thrown away a big bundle of cilantro as I only needed a little for a recipe).  It provides a great deal of variety with tastes and ingredients I may not have sought out on my own.  It’s easy to make and introduces new methods and new cuisines to the same old household standards.

It is also inexpensive at only $9.99 per serving.  This is cheaper than any decent restaurant and you know exactly what is in the fresh meal you are eating.  Give it a shot. I can give you a reference and save you on your trial week or you can get similar deals at their website:

It is how I have enjoyed these meals in the recent weeks:

Prosciutto Pasta Carbonara with pine nuts and peas
Steak Bourguignon with sour cream mashed potatoes and roasted carrots
Tex-Mex Turkey Taco Salad with corn and tomatoes
Ribeye Steak Stroganoff with mushrooms and egg noodles
Italian Turkey Mini Meatloaves with provolone filling and spicy green beans
Sirloin Steak with Brown Butter Bordelaise with Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes

You can also find vegetarian and family friendly options.  There are other companies, some of which I have tried and it is assumed that Amazon will enter the market with their acquisition of Whole Foods.  If you enjoy eating (and cooking) as much as I do you will like it!

home chef meal kit

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Graeter’s Ice Cream!

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