Review – The Parisian Woman

Uma Thurman is a luminous presence on stage who draws your interest without fail and without limit.  She is an amazing performer who should return to Broadway on a regular basis.

Sorry, that’s all the good news.  I had looked forward to this production because the playwright is Beau Willimon.  He is the originator of House of Cards (which I have not seen as I do not have Netflix) and so should be very adept at political thrillers.  He has significantly re-written the script to take into account the rise of Trump and peppered it with allusions to the current administration.  In addition he will be re-writing parts each week as the play goes on to take into account any of the fast changing developments in Washington.  Perhaps this very up to date attitude distracts him from a deeper dive into universal truths or maybe I am just tired of the machinations of this regime.  But I found the script rather bland and predictable, and not engaging.

See it for Uma.

BWAY The Parisian Woman

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