Recycling in New York

High density living, as we experience in New York, is not for everyone.  I know lots of friends and relatives who shudder at the thought of apartments stacked upon each other and living so close to other people.  They long for their lawns and driveways and separation from their neighbors.

But one thing it provides is ease of concentrating recycling resources into one convenient package.  Instead of each household putting together their meager weekly recycling out by the curb to be laboriously picked up by big diesel trucks, we are much more efficient.  I live in a co-op of about 225 units divided between two buildings.  In the basement of each we have a recycling collection for paper, plastic & metal & glass (cans, bottles, etc.), electronics, cardboard, used clothes, and food waste (to be turned into compost!).  The building staff manages it all and curbs it twice a week in large amounts.  Our actual remaining trash is very minor once we separate out the rest for recycling and our carbon footprint shrinks along with it.  Just another reason to love this city!

dreamstimefree_9320101 recycle symbol

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