Players Theatre Boo! Short Play Festival

Recently I saw a performance of the Boo! Short Play Festival at The Players Theatre in Greenwich Village.  It was an interesting batch of plays in a seasonal festival.  A little uneven and somewhat odd selections for a “scary” festival.

I really went to take in the efforts of several Polaris North members putting together a work that included the amazing Shelton Tripp.  He is performing this weekend in our Plays & Prestidigitation #9 – the Fright Edition.  Have I mentioned we are doing a show this weekend?  WE ARE!  And Shelton Tripp is in two of the six selections.  And he is excellent!  As are Pamela Wilson, Kasey Moorhouse, Desiree Pinol, Carly Ruda and Austin Palenick!  We hope you will join us this weekend (go to for details) and I hope our talented troop finds their names in this post as they Google themselves!

OOB Boo Festival Players Theater 2017

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: Review of The Portuguese Kid

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