Lessons in the Patriarchy

A lot going on lately in relations between the sexes.  Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Donald Trump, and so much more.  Lots of public and private figures learning lessons and sharing tales and fessing up.  Much weighing in on social norms and what must change.  I found it in a much smaller forum looking for images for Halloween.

In preparing for Plays and Prestidigitation #9: The Fright Edition (say, did you know that we perform next weekend at Polaris North?) I searched through many databases for photos I might use for publicity from different sources.  I was stunned how many were similar to what you see below.  If a man and woman were in the drawing or photo, the male was usually the aggressor and the female the victim, sometimes starkly and disturbingly so.

I’m not trying to be deep or profound in this discussion and yes, I’m aware, testosterone, the patriarchy, man’s world, all that stuff.  Interesting that it is so pervasive and found so readily in every little thing.  It will take generations to balance and many people must stop denying it is a problem.  It just struck me while I was browsing images.  But I found a much more neutral and whimsical image I am using to promote my show.  Did I mention I’m doing a show?

I’m happy to say that there are many female aggressors in the P&P #9 scripts coming up next weekend.  Well, not happy necessarily, but glad it is not always prototypically men spreading the horror.  Come see for yourself, next Friday-Sunday in New York City at our studio.  Frightful, macabre, scary and often funny plays with magical intervals.  Show and reservation information at http://www.polarisnorth.org.

There, I fit a plug into a social observation.  Clumsily, typical in my fashion.  Hope to see you at the show!

dreamstime_xxl_84938439 couple in scary Halloween makeup

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NEXT WEEK: More reviews and Plays & Prestidigitation #9: The Fright Edition!

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