The 2017 NY Summerfest included a short play by Carrie Robbins, a theater costumer with extensive credits on and Off Broadway. Directed by Paul Dobie it featured the significant talents of Amanda Rose, Tony Naumovski, Thomas Leverton and David Modello.  I have worked with Tony previously and he has always been extremely talented.  I was thrilled by the multiple characters brought to life by Thomas Leverton and the stage presence of Amanda Rose.  David’s role was too small but fulfilled smartly.

The story is clearly slavishly based on a real life experience of Carrie Robbins for one of her first shows in New York.  A check on her IDBD listing and some rudimentary online research identifies exactly the personalities she masks in the production.  While perhaps true to life it could use a good bit of polishing, editing and most of all – inventing.  A greater truth can be told in a more entertaining script that is not locked into remembered reality.  There were a number of her friends in the audience when I attended and they very much enjoyed the retelling.  The elements are all there to spice up an alternate version and I sincerely hope she takes the opportunity to do so.


OOB My Swollen Feet

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