Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival review

Last Sunday my favorite (and closest) park in New York City hosted the annual Medieval Festival.  It was terrific.  Lots of good festival food (a few years ago they added beer and wine), many performance stages, demonstrations of blacksmithing and sword making, multiple themed booths selling baubles and beads, knights jousting, a live chess game, and much much more.  Honestly, the festival is pretty predictable and has changed little in the last decade, but because it happens just once a year I always look forward to the next one.

The next one does not have a date set, but around August start looking online as the date will be known by then.  It is usually late September or early October.  Do come and enjoy, you’ll have lots of fun.

But also make time to come to Fort Tryon Park on any of the other 364 days of the year.  It is beautiful in any season, not as crowded as other NYC parks, and a lovely day.  Take the A train to the 190th Street exit and take the elevators to Fort Washington Avenue and turn right.  I guarantee you will find it lovely (and visit the Cloisters when here – the Medieval Collection of the Metropolitan Museum).

Medieval Fair 2017

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