National Stand Up To Cancer Day

The second Friday in September is National Stand Up To Cancer Day.  I am a cancer survivor and grateful to be around to talk about it.  Cancer is something many people don’t want to even whisper about but it has far reaching consequences for many people.  Mine was excised, removed, cut out and not returned in many years.  I get double checked annually and continue to be cancer free.

The men in my father’s side of the family have all had multiple cancers and most died from them directly.  I suspect I have more characteristics of my mother’s side but was not exempt entirely.  Here’s wishing that science continues to figure out how to address this disease.  Recent gene therapy shows promise and new advances are made every year.  I suspect I will die from something eventually (I share the sentiment of one of my favorite playwrights William Saroyan – I know everyone must die but in my case, I thought an exception would be made!).  However, I am counting on the fact it will not be cancer.

dreamstime_xxl_15848967 Cancer

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NEXT WEEK: September 11 anniversary, the job search and more…

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