Time to spend writing

One advantage of having a little time off is the chance to do more writing.  As some of you know I have written about two dozen plays that have received more than 100 productions, readings or awards in twenty four states.  I am not earning a living from writing, far from it, it actually costs me more than I earn, so it is very much a hobby at this point.  While I would love to make money doing it, I enjoy it so much that I keep at it anyway.

The last several years have been very stressful at work and consumed a tremendous amount of energy and time.  Even when I took a vacation I spent several days during the trip working remotely as there was no one else to do certain tasks.  I did some writing but far less than I wanted.

For at least the next several weeks you will find me often at libraries, parks and other places around New York writing as much as I can.  Indeed, one of the reasons I rebooted this blog is to require me to write a little each day to grease the wheels.  This blog is intended to jump start my play writing.  Wish me luck.

dreamstimefree_10625688 abstract keyboard

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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