A Whole New Blog

Lots of things in flux, many things changing.  To mix things up, I am embarking on a whole new Blog project.  I plan to write at least five new Blog posts each week.  No specific days of the week promised but not overly long.  For goodness sakes, I cannot even Tweet every day and that is only 140 characters long.  I promise here though, only a few paragraphs long for each post so that I do not waste too much of your time.

I will still review and comment on shows I see here in New York.  I will continue to trumpet any productions of my plays.  I will always comment on food and my road trips. All the same stuff but regularly occurring.  If this bugs you, then you may opt out.  If it interests you, which I know is unlikely, climb aboard and subscribe.

So welcome aboard, more to come in the coming days.  Let’s see if I can really carry this through.  Not all positive but all real.  Enjoy.

dreamstime_xxl_87319685 blog image

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com or on Twitter @walterthinnes

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