National Bobble Head Day!

Today is National Bobble Head Day! You've seen them. Oversized heads that bobble when vibrated. These silly figures have actually been around for a couple of centuries in one form or another but only became ubiquitous in the last several decades as plastic extrusion techniques improved. They are primarily associated with baseball collectors and giveaways … Continue reading National Bobble Head Day!

Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Woke up this morning and decided to make my own breakfast sausage. So an unplanned post. I started with Alton Brown's recipe on the Food Network website. You can find it here: As you can see it is basically a some pork shoulder and fatback ground together with spices. I played with the spices … Continue reading Homemade Breakfast Sausage

American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio

During the holidays I visited relatives in Cincinnati and having some downtime I visited an attraction there for the first time. The American Sign Museum is a pretty cool place if rather small and crowded. They have collected and restored old signage with lots of nostalgic appeal (even a set of Burma Shave signs). Lots … Continue reading American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio

Welcome to 2019 and National Bloody Mary Day!

May you have a bright and cheery new year and a prosperous 2019.  We decided to eliminate our alcohol intake this holiday, but if you celebrated too heartily last night take solace in the dog that bit you during National Bloody Mary Day.  Recipe below.  You're welcome.  I'll be quiet now. As always you can … Continue reading Welcome to 2019 and National Bloody Mary Day!

National Champagne Day – Happy New Year

Sometimes National Day events seem to be randomly placed on the calendar.  Today's National Champagne Day is clearly placed to align with New Year's Eve where marketers are heavily promoting that beverage.  However you celebrate tonight, even if you turn in at 9 PM with every intention of waking to turn on the TV just … Continue reading National Champagne Day – Happy New Year

National Fruitcake Day

Today is National Fruitcake Day.  Smart alecks make a lot of fun of people who actually like fruitcake.  But if you are one of those people you can sign up here: Okay, Mark Zuckerberg, do something good and round up all these folks on that page and put them in Gingerbread Gaol. As always … Continue reading National Fruitcake Day

Reviews – DCINY Beethoven Symphony #9

Recently I traveled over to Carnegie Hall to catch the Distinguished Concerts International New York with their orchestra and various chorales performing Beethoven's Choral Fantasy and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.  I love Ode to Joy and thrill to it whenever it is done well and this certainly was.  It was one night only so you … Continue reading Reviews – DCINY Beethoven Symphony #9

Review – Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show

Broadway theatre owners have long rented out their venues for short term attractions between major bookings.  These can be for special holiday shows (like the Illusionists show I reviewed on November 29).  Last year there was an absolutely terrible Broadway show (Home for the Holidays) that featured "YouTube Personalities" and I reviewed on November 22, … Continue reading Review – Ruben & Clay’s First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show

The Bridges of the Merritt Parkway Part 1

I hope you enjoy this trip down the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.  As Wikipedia notes: The 69 original bridges were designed by George L. Dunkelberger. Each bridge had a unique design that represented various 1930s architectural styles, such as Art Deco, Art Moderne, French Renaissance, Gothic, Neoclassicism, and Rustic. See if you can call out the style from driving under these bridges! … Continue reading The Bridges of the Merritt Parkway Part 1

Review – Celebrity Autobiography on Broadway

Do you like Celebrities?  To see them and hear about them?  Then hurry to the Marquis Theatre for the next two Monday evenings. The show Celebrity Autobiography on Broadway would work better in a party or a bar.  Current celebrities (or who are classified as such) read selections from published celebrity autobiographies.  As Rachel Dratch … Continue reading Review – Celebrity Autobiography on Broadway