Back to Blogging in the New Year

Yes, I’ve been missing from blogging for quite some time. Many reasons, no good excuses. A death in the family, a brush with COVID, lots of unexpected happenings, and general malaise all contributed. Once I stopped blogging it was hard to start back up. I didn’t write blog posts, read other blogs, or even think about blogging. So I needed to restart. And here we are at the Resolutions Period so, try again.

So here we go again. I am not nailing myself down to any particular frequency but I will certainly do better than this year when I missed half the year. The posts will be on familiar themes – National Days, food topics and recipes, my beloved Cincinnati Reds, Florida news and other things that catch my interest. So check them out from time to time. Will be an interesting year, of that I’m sure…

As always you can find more at (though it too has a serious need to be updated!)

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