National Chocolate Caramel Day with a special Exposed! Edition

Today’s National Day celebrates the great combination of chocolate and caramel. While looking for a way to celebrate I remembered a former feature of this blog called “Exposed!” where I explored or tore apart something to see what it is like inside. Now that we are all on isolation during the Coronavirus situation, I have some inside time to work on a project.

A perfect seasonal caramel chocolate combination is the Cadbury Caramel Egg. Obviously a good idea to stock up while they are available. At the same time I couldn’t resist also buying the Cadbury Creme Egg. Again, stock up on these essential pantry items during our time of national crisis.

Once removed from the box you will find these excellent specimens. Both are delicious but I really shouldn’t eat that much candy at one sitting. Obviously the best option is to eat half of each rather than making the difficult decision to eat just one at a time, even based on a special national day. I had the brilliant idea to refrigerate them to be easier to cut.

Get a really sharp knife and carefully slice them in half (they are fused into two halves so follow that line). Turns out the creme egg halves cut easily but you should likely try the caramel egg at room temperature. Now stick the opposite halves together and you have two excellent melded treat and you can share one of them with a friend! Give it a try!

Okay, yes, this was a pretty lame entry in the Exposed! series. With all the time I now have on my hands you are welcome to nominate a more interesting item to tear down in a future edition. Meanwhile I’m going to munch on some delightful custom treats! Happy confinement!

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