The Bulls come to New York

No, not this bull…
…these bulls!

I’ve long been fascinated by Professional Bull Riders on television. It fits my short attention span (the cowboys need only stay on the bull for eight seconds) and I really like those hats. It turns out the season starts each January at Madison Square Garden. So I used one of my cheap ticket options to snag a seat filler role for the opening night last weekend. But I wasn’t close enough to see it like the stock photo above. My view was more like this:

It was OK. Like many sports (except my beloved baseball) they work better on TV. I have never seen as many truck, welding and beer commercials in New York before. There seemed to be only Budweiser products and so I could not get a PBR with my PBR.

There were some protesters out front who didn’t like the whole idea of man versus bull. At least it is not Ernest Hemingway style and bulls do come back for future rides. The New York Times featured a story about their care and fates and was interesting.

So I’ve done it and and may again. It was an interesting evening. Meh.

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