Review – Girls & Boys

Carey Mulligan is featured in an engrossing one woman play written by Dennis Kelly at the Minetta Lane Theatre.  Ms.Mulligan does an incredible job with a very difficult subject.  I don’t wish to spoil it but the script takes a very dark and difficult turn two thirds of the way through.  It will be difficult going for some theatre goers but is expertly handled by a extraordinary actress.

Unfortunately it is only scheduled to run one more week at the Greenwich Village theatre.  Fortuitously it is sponsored by a new venture by Audible – the spoken word earbud providers now owned by Amazon.  While nothing beats the experience of live theatre not everyone can make it to New York City or fill the seats for every show.  So Audible has a deal and a program for the Minetta Lane to bring one person performances to be recorded for later distribution to their customers.  The long form monologues should work perfectly for their format and the world gets to experience these shows long after they are gone.  I have enjoyed both of their efforts to date (the previous Harry Clarke by Billy Crudup was a masterpiece).  I m not now an Audible customer and prefer my theatre live but would be fascinated to hear if anyone has experienced this recent experiment.

OB Girls & Boys

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TOMORROW: heads up on a sundown phenomenon.

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