Quick review of 2017 Blog

As the new year starts, a quick look back at my blog in 2017.  As you may imagine the majority of posts were about live theater, shows I saw and scripts I wrote.  My favorites that I attended and are now gone in 2017:
The Glass Menagerie with Sally Field – a fresh take on an overexposed script
If I Forget – if your local company presents this, catch it
Oslo – a complex and difficult subject made human and compelling

Some shows still running you should see in New York or you can catch on tour:
Come From Away – a rousing reaffirming 9/12 story from Gander
Sweeney Todd – You MUST catch this site specific work up close
Red Roses, Green Gold – Grateful Dead music played live that is fun and infectious

A Dolls House: Part 2 – I was the only person in NY not to like this work, try as I might
The Children – Though I was not taken by the Lucy Kirkwood script I heard commentary after that the subtext was distaste for the world and relationships the Baby Boomer generation made.  Could be true, we have made a mess of some things.

I also wrote about quirky and favorite National Days as well as home, family and friends.  I featured several favorite recipes, one of which I still make on a regular basis – my Basil Pesto, thanks the to Aerogarden indoor basil plants I keep handy.

Hopefully I can keep this streak going in 2018 and learn ever more about this blogging thing.

dreamstime_xxl_87319685 blog image

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW:National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day


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