Me, Incorporated

Last year a multi-national corporation purchased the small company where I worked for more than a decade.  This year, as part of a ongoing effort to centralize their management, they eliminated my position and I lost my job.  Several opportunities arose but the best was a company who needed my expertise but did not have available “headcount” to hire me.  They asked that I be a consultant for them.  To some degree this made sense as my experience was needed for a specific project I have been assigned to.  I can’t reveal the name of the company but those who know me can probably guess it.

But due to American employment laws they needed to pay an entity, not a person.  So I have formed Thinnes Consulting LLC.  I am now a business and this seems to be a growing trend.  As I work on this project I am also putting out my shingle to help other companies who can utilize the skills which I have accumulated over decades of working in high pressure and complicated environments.  So if your company needs help, I’m here to help!  The new normal.

dreamstime_xxl_94146441 my own business

As always you can find more on and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW: National Bacon Day!

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