A Meeting Without End Moment

I’ve written a number of short plays and they sometimes seem to go in and out of vogue as they are chosen or rejected by various theaters around the country.  Recently I’ve had two pieces of good news about a ten-minute play “Meeting Without End.”  It sends up corporate speak and company meetings (I’ve had to endure too many of them).

Rover Dramawerks of Plano, Texas (between Dallas and Fort Worth) has chosen it to be included in their third annual 10-minute comedy play festival July 20-29.  The list of winners:

Crime Spree by Tom Deiker

Fighting Mr. Right by Barbara Lindsay

I Was Fine Until You Came Into the Room by Rich Orloff

Locker 142 by William Newkirk

Meeting Without End by Walter Thinnes

Romeo and Juliet: Epilogue by William Sikorski

Small Talk by David MacGregor

Therapy Dog by Scott Mullen

Welcome to Intercourse by Tracey Jane Smith

In addition my niece Juliana (Toni) Thinnes chose the play for her directing class project and it will be performed in May at Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia.  I am looking forward to attending the Saturday, May 13 performance at 7:30 and will participate in a talkback after the show.


As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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