Tonight is Opening Night

For those in Central Florida, hope you will come to see the play. For those farther away, please say a quick and quiet prayer that it goes all right. Been a long time since I was in quite this type of situation. Tonight is opening night at the Living Drama Theatre in Eustis, Florida for “You Can’t Take it With You” by George Kaufman and Moss Hart. I am playing the role of Mr. De Pinna and there are guaranteed to be fireworks tonight as that is one of the themes in this gentle and fun comedy. I am part of a talented cast and I am very much looking forward to the evening. We play this weekend and next and you can get tickets at I’ve been consumed by the effort and will hopefully get back to things like the internet and more that I have missed in the meantime.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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