Throwback Thursday – Our families in Florida!

Our family has a long tradition with Florida, going back to when my grandparents took their sons (my dad and uncles) to the state from Cincinnati to aid in their health growing up. Of course we often vacationed here when we were based in Ohio. As for me, I was born here, graduated high school and college here and started my management career in the state. So in digging back through old photos I have found a few photos of interest related to the state and will post more from time to time.

From left to right, my father Todd, yours truly, my mother Donna, my brother Ronnie, my sister Ginnie.

The above picture was taken in 1977 (we had moved to Florida in 1974) taken with a 110 camera so limited resolution.

My cousin Chris, Aunt Priscilla, Uncle Reed, cousin Kim

And here is my dad’s brother and his family visiting Florida. Gotta love those 70’s fashions!

My cousin Gigi, cousin Myra, Aunt Marge and cousin Lana (my uncle Jack was taking the picture).

And the third branch of the family heard from, posing on a beach with, for some reason, an anti-tank gun. Florida has become a little more welcoming from those days, I suppose.

So more pictures and memories to come as I can unpack and scan some more!

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