Throwback Thursday and a peculiar game

I worked at Bailey Concert Hall in Fort Lauderdale for a number of years before moving to Naples, Florida to be part of the team that opened the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. My staff threw a best wishes picnic send off on the occasion. Here is a picture from that gathering.

You can identify me by my ever present pipe in those days. They were a great group of theatre technicians and we had a peculiar game we played during our workday that we called “Infect-A-Tune.” The score keeping was rather loose but the rules were specific. One had to subtly sing or hum or whistle a popular tune but not too obviously. If you made it too clear the other crew members would not repeat it. But if done effectively and one of the other crew members also picked up and absently mindedly sang, hummed or whistled that tune, then the originator won! Like planting an ear worm in someone else. It could be a show tune (working in the theatre made that recognizable) or a popular song (had to have a good melody) or better yet, a commercial ditty. They were all over the radio and television, were quick and distinctive and the best infectors. For some reason Ronnie (second from left second row) was the best and most effective infector. But we all had our day and successes. That was great times and good fun.

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