Mom and Socks

In the US today it is Mother’s Day (remember last week I reminded you to get your card in the mail and your gift ordered?). Hope you did and that all moms have a terrific day today. The exact date of Mother’s Day shifts about the calendar as dictated by the Great Hallmark in the Sky. Today it happens to coincide with another National Day that is observed every year on May 9.

Today is also National Lost Sock Memorial Day. On this day we solemnly remember and release those socks that came out of the dryer alone after being put in as a pair. I know, you’ve spent months checking to see if the missing member of the pair somehow got folded in a sheet, or hidden in the lint trap or some more gruesome fate. Time to give it up and start anew. There are several options for the remaining lone sock. Make a sock puppet. Use it as a dust rag. Fill it with dried beans and use it in your corn hole game.

Or better yet, there is an option to never have a lonely sock again. Throw off the unnecessary tyranny of wearing matching foot tubes again. Never pair like with like, always wear mismatched socks. Then every sock has a home, no sock needs to feel unwanted. Sorry, I’m tearing up at this sole warming story.

I went a long way for that joke. You could say I walked a mile in… Never mind. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy National Lost Sock Memorial Day.

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