Ramble on Daylight Savings Time

We are at that time of year where before you go to bed you should turn your clocks ahead one hour as Daylight Savings Time begins again in the USA. Never mind that most clocks today are automatically controlled by SkyNet and just move the clock forward one hour at 2:00 AM so that you awake none the wiser of the hour of sleep you lost other than the nagging need to take a nap. I have a much more pressing concern.

“Saving” intimates there is a bank involved somewhere. And considering I have been participating in this investment scheme for my entire life, I should have accumulated a lot of credits so far. I want to know where this bank is and how I can make withdrawals. Those hours of sunshine will come in very handy during gloomy days. Someone please tell me where I can find this Daylight Saving Bank.

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