National Vinegar Day and where to find some of the best in New York City

Today is National Vinegar Day, that fermented liquid that adds a special acidic note to various foods (and to clean windows – but not our focus today). Why buy mass produced versions when you can get hand crafted products? I know just the place if you travel to New York City.

The Filling Station is a terrific shop in the now-famous Chelsea Market. They have more than 15 flavors of vinegar including my favorite – Black Cherry Balsamic. It is astounding on a Caprese Salad and any number of other dishes.

The Filling Station also offers infused olive oils, specialty salts and other goodies for foodies. They have recently added the option to fill your growler with fresh craft beer. It is very much worth a visit as one of the best shops in the fabulous Chelsea Market during your next Big Apple visit. They also ship (well, not the beer – but certainly the vinegar). Here’s the link…

Chelsea Market fills the entire city block between 9th & 10th Avenues and 15th and 16th Streets. You will find some wonderful food vendors, restaurants and other shops.

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