National Rotisserie Chicken Day

There are few better treats than a freshly cooked, crispy skin, moist and juicy rotisserie cooked chicken. Many people pick them up for a quick meal from a shop and indeed this National Day was created by the Boston Market chain. (There is a terrific shop named Malecon here in Northern Manhattan that is worth a try, especially their green sauce accompaniment.)

But this is actually a simple meal you should definitely try at home. My proven recipe is simple. Start with as good a chicken as you can afford (you know, organic or free range or Harvard educated – you’re tasting just the chicken so you want it good). Take some softened butter (don’t risk cross-contamination, set aside just what you want to use, I suggest 4 tablespoons). Rub it on and especially under the skin generously. Season with salt and pepper to taste and that is all you need. I guarantee it will be exceptional.

Now you need a home rotisserie – my hearty recommendation is a Cuisinart Vertical Rotisserie. I am not a compensated endorser, I just love this machine. It has a great recipe book, but really, it is mostly used for chicken in our household.

And remember to use any leftover meat for your quiche (see my recipe last month) or other goodies like a homemade quesidilla. And save the bones for homemade stock. You’ll be glad you did!

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