NYC Restaurant Week Review – Bocca di Bacco

Wow!  What a find.  As I continue exploring the nearly month long NYC Restaurant Week I found a real winner even for a lunch offering (which is only $26 and a great bargain for this city).  Go right now to Bocca di Bacco in Chelsea at 9th Avenue and 20th Street.  Their menu was great and I made the following three selections:

Crab Cake, Avocado, Tartar Sauce
– a very tasty start even if the avocado was liquified.
Lobster, langostini, Mussels, Clams Spicy Tomato Sauce
– astounding dish.  The lobster was distributed through the sauce, which was not cheaply spicy but still assertive enough to be notable.  The clams and mussels circled the plate and were plentiful.  But the best was the langostini, halved and perfectly grilled in a full shell.  It was a particular delightful and filling lunch.
– nicely done and a perfect finis.
I mean it, excellent choice you should try for yourself!

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TOMORROW: haven’t decided yet…

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