Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mother’s birthday.  I’m not going to tell you how old she is but next year she wants to prepare a special celebration as we both reach landmark years.  She lives in Florida but every year or so she visits New York City to see me and Washington DC to see my brother.  In reality she is going exotic food shopping with our help.  She enjoys cooking new foods and exploring new cuisines.  She stocks up on the ethnic and culinary markets she just can’t find in Florida and spends the year making new recipes.  She has two stand alone freezers to hold all the goodies.  Her neighbors love her.

Whatever you do, don’t let her know I am making a big deal about her online.  We have lots of homemade movies where all you see of her is a shadow fleeing the frame.  She hates having pictures taken of her or a to-do being made about her.  But she deserves it.  She is a very special lady.  Just don’t let her know I told you so.  Happy birthday, mom.

Rose Card

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TOMORROW: Asteroid Florence

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