NFL Playoffs and crossing fingers for my Bengals

Division Round for the NFL this weekend. You may know the results so far.

The Kansas City Chiefs handled the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles manhandled the New York Giants.

Tonight we will see quite the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. While I do not love the Cowboys I would love to see San Francisco eliminated this year. You know, memories.

But the game I will be focused on involves my Cincinnati Bengals.

After the recent Monday Night Football contest in which Buffalo player Damar Hamlin this will be an emotional game for all involved. Fortunately Damar is on the mend and it was not due to malice or poor sportsmanship. But the issue this afternoon is that it is a win or go home playoff match up and it will be on Buffalo’s turf.

I have prepped my celebratory cigar will be making Skyline Dip to root my Bengals onward. It was terrific to be in the Super Bowl last year but it would be so much better to win one. Go Bengals!

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