Throwback Thursday – Motorcycle Ride

As mentioned earlier I am taking a special motorcycle ride this summer. It is scheduled to start next week and I hope to post some videos and pictures during the ride. It is scheduled to start at the Skyline Drive in Virginia, include the entire Blue Ridge Parkway and capped with a ride on the Tail of the Dragon between North Carolina and Tennessee. Some of my favorite roads. My riding companion will be my good friend on his brand-new Harley-Davidson, the wrestler Ace Montana. In preparation I was delighted to find a photo of my father perched on a motorcycle. It appears to be in the driveway of his parent’s home but I do not know who’s motorcycle it was and I have no memory of him speaking of riding a motorcycle. This was taken in 1949 so he was too young to have a license and he is clearly posing with the kickstand down. Maybe another family member can fill out some details if they know it. Hope you enjoy it.

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